THE COLOUR OF CHIPS is a wild cinematic experience, set in the Northern seaside town of Blackpool and seen through the eyes of a psychic. The film is soundtracked by Oscar-nominated composer Mica Levi. THE TOURIST is a dystopian alien nightmare, set in a New York of the far off future. The film is soundtracked by Wrangler, featuring ex-Cabaret Voltaire man Stephen Mallinder.

Neither film exists. However, LIVE CINEMA UK has commissioned both artists to create soundtracks to these imagined films. And they want YOU to create the posters for the films, inspired by the concepts. Can you create a vivid and striking visual representation worthy of THE COLOUR OF CHIPS? Or can you create a dystopian, alien-ravaged city for THE TOURIST?

Create a design concept for The Unfilmables concept which will be used on posters, flyers and online to promote the tour. Entries can be image only, text can be incorporated into final design.

The poster submitted must be relevant to one of the two film concepts for this project: THE COLOUR OF CHIPS or THE TOURIST. Each poster should also contain the three screening dates, venues and performance times. Everything else is entirely up to you and your imagination

The winners will have their artwork used on tour publicity and be invited to the Unfilmables event of their choice.

Entries must be submitted by noon, Friday 21 April

Winners will be selected by participating artists.

Entries, including contacts and course details, should be submitted to Entries should consist of an image or set of images reflecting the ethos of The Unfilmables, suitable for use on promotional materials and online. Maximum file size 2 megabytes please, PDF or Jpg. Submissions can be landscape or portrait, and can be based on neither, either or both film concepts.

Fees will not be paid for use for the image which will be deployed in promotion of The Unfilmables project in May/June 2017, and may be referenced in post-event reporting. All rights for future use of materials will remain with the artist.