As part of XR Stories, Live Cinema UK presented DJ YODA AV SHOW AT CULTVR.

You could join us via live-stream on Thursday 24th September at CULTVR, Europe’s first immersive arts venue facilitating research into the production, development and exhibition of shared immersive cultural experiences. The Lab provides a nurturing and playful environment for researchers, producers technologists, film and theatre makers, artists, academics and performers to come together in the pursuit of this unique medium’s capabilities. DJ Yoda is a multi-award-winning hip-hop DJ and producer, headlining festivals and clubs around the world. No typical club DJ, his interests lie in finding fresh and unique ways to bring turntables out of the club and getting involved in bespoke collaborations. This was a special Dome Session with live 360º visuals.

Brought to you by 4Pi Productions / On Par Productions / Bubblewrap Collective / Live Cinema UK