A film screening utilising additional performance or interactivity inspired by the content of the film

The above definition was identified in our Live Cinema in the UK 2016 Report.
However there are lots of different ways to think about and to identify live cinema.

At Live Cinema UK our ethos is that The Film is Only Half the Story.
We believe that audiences should be offered an experience, not just a screening. More traditionally, live cinema might be a silent film screening with a live piano accompaniment – harking back to the origins of cinema. Live Cinema UK strives to expand upon this traditional form of film exhibition and encorporate new and experiential forms of live cinema: be it dance, archive film, music or theatre. For further reading about Live Cinema we recommend Live Cinema Cultures, Economies, Aesthetics by Sarah Atkinson and Helen W. Kennedy, based on our 2016 Report.




Live cinema is the result of artistic and curatorial collaboration, producing a film experience made up of bot live performance and exhibition. Live cinema is rooted in multi-platform partnership, bringing together exhibitors, artists and audiences for a bespoke cinematic experience.