Live Cinema UK is the country’s only organisation focused on bringing artists, exhibitors, distributors and producers closer together to create amazing experiential cinema events.

Based in West Yorkshire and London, UK, we curate innovative programmes and new art works inspired by the moving image, advising and partnering with cultural promoters regionally, nationally, and now internationally.  Find out more by viewing  our work.

We collaborate with artists including DJ Yoda, Mica Levi Norman Jay MBE, and Asian Dub Foundation, alongside a variety of digital, VR and performance artists, siting their work in exciting cinematic and non-cinematic festivals and venues. We also provide marketing and audience development consultancy for film festivals and distributors with recent campaigns including grassroots campaign work for I, Daniel Blake, and experiential events for Dad’s Army and Suffragette.

We also offer general film consultancy for film events including on-going programming, fundraising, marketing and development support for a range of exhibitors and festivals across the country. Want to work with us? Get in touch.

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