As part of XR Stories, Live Cinema UK presents a night of brand new audio-visual works in progress, never seen before.

Join us on Friday 3rd April at CULTVR, Europe’s first immersive arts venue facilitating research into the production, development and exhibition of shared immersive cultural experiences. The Lab provides a nurturing and playful environment for researchers, producers technologists, film and theatre makers, artists, academics and performers to come together in the pursuit of this unique medium’s capabilities. As part of the event we’ll be presenting new work from our regular artistic collaborator, DJ Yoda, the multi-award-winning Hip-Hop DJ and Producer whose interests lie in finding fresh and unique ways to bring turntables out of the club and get involved in bespoke collaborations.


Full Event Line-up

DJ YODA, 9.30pm
This will be a special Dome Session with live 360º visuals as a collaboration between DJ Yoda and 4Pi Productions.

Live audiovisual fulldome experience with bespoke soundtrack by Owl Mask. Audio reactive lighting and particle FX which provide ethereal focal points and encourage the viewer to explore and interact with their surroundings. / Producers – Lewis Hackett, Tom Hinchliffe, Jack Larkin

A mixture of live audio from microphones placed around the parameters of the dome will be mixed along with prerecorded or facilitated questions that will be posed to the audience. The subjects of these questions will reflect ideas around community and collectivism.

Friday 3rd April, 7pm
Doors open at 6.30pm.

Tickets: £10 / £12.50 / £17.50
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