To commemorate 50 years since the first moon landing, we are delighted to be bringing Yorkshire-based band Stems and their live cinema show to a collection of venues and our Engine Fund partners this July.

Yorkshire-based classical-infused art rock collective Stems provide a live soundtrack to the early movie magic by Georges Méliès with their live soundtrack to A Trip to the Moon (1902), one of the earliest depictions of sci-fi on screen and imagining of what the unexplored moon could be. Moving from 1902 to today, Stems also present Soundtrack to the Stars, a live score to real footage of space captured by NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope, presenting a double bill sonic exploration; of our expectations and the reality of our moon and space.


Friday 19 July – The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
Saturday 20 July – Bluedot Festival, Cheshire
Sunday 21 July, The Brick Box Rooms, Bradford

Here’s a snippet from Stems’ original score to Georges Méliès Kingdom of the Fairies, also from 1902:

Check out Stem’s performing live to Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920):

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