With live performance currently prohibited, Live Cinema UK began working on how we could support artists and venues until we can get back to presenting incredible live events. So, we approached one of our favourite live re-score artists Haiku Salut with a challenge…We selected two short archive films for Haiku Salut to create an alternative score for, and they had two weeks to create an alternative score for that film. The challenge was accepted.

4 and 20 Fit Girls – Sunday 19th July

The first alternative score was for eccentric 1940s exercise short 4 and 20 Fit Girls, which premiered as a watch party and a live chat with Haiku Salut. This event also raised donations for three independent cinemas in the East Midlands and Yorkshire: Broadway (Nottingham), Derby Quad, and Showroom Cinema Sheffield. 100% of the proceeds went to these cinemas.


Nude Women By Waterfall – Sunday 2nd August
On Sunday August 2nd, we premiered the second part of the re-score project, Nude Woman by Waterfall, a ten minute sensuous bohemian film recorded in 1920 by filmographer, Claude Friese-Greene. You can read more about the re-score at the Haiku Salut Blog. The event was completely free to take part in, however donations were gratefully accepted and 100% went towards supporting independent cinemas currently closed where we would in other circumstances be performing this re-score live.

We actively stand against artists being expected to put their work out online for free, and Haiku Salut were paid for their time on this project thanks to the support of Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund, and Film Hub North. If you would like to ‘tip’ Haiku Salut, please consider buying their music and merchandise from their website.