Live Cinema UK is proud to be working with 30 artists for its inaugural Live Cinema Talent Pool: a cross-sector professional development and commissioning opportunity for artists working across live performance and the moving image. Explore our artists and see their work here.

Supported by Arts Council England, King’s College London and the University of Brighton, the Talent Pool comprises artists and organisations ranging from musicians, composers and audiovisual performers to immersive dance companies, live art performers, puppetry, live foley artists, and diverse cross-art form professionals whose work pushes the boundaries of live performance involving or inspired by the moving image.

The Talent Pool commenced with workshops in December 2017, before each participant pitching for 3 x £5000 commissions to be developed in 2018 and presented at the 2018 Live Cinema Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest. All participants will receive mentoring from Live Cinema UK plus matchmaking with producers to help develop and realise new live cinema work.

Further details of participants work will be regularly updated on our website throughout 2018:

Adrena Adrena
Amy Cutler, Passenger Films
Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo
Dean Moore
Electric Adam
Esther Johnson, Blanche Pictures
Harriet Fleuriot
Jaeho Hwang
Jason Singh
Lillian Henley
Melanie Delaney
Metro Boulot Dodo
New Media Scotland
Omari Carter, The Motion Dance Collective
Peter Edwards
Reeps One
Richard Dedomenici
Sapphire Goss
Sinéad Bhreathnach Cashell
Sue Harding, Little Earthquake
The Brick Box
The Cabinet of Living Cinema
The Stand Up Picture Show