Building on the success of the Live Cinema Conference held at King’s College London in May 2016, the inaugural two day Live Cinema Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest brought together practitioners, musicians and artists to discuss the future of experiential and augmented cinema. The two day programme took place over 8th and 9th June, and saw over 1400 admissions to panels, workshops, networking and world premiere live events. Missed out? Selected panel sessions will be available as audio and video streams from Sheffield Doc/Fest later in 2018.

The Summit theme REAL LIVE crossed the realms of factual and fictional storytelling. We’ll address what live cinema means in 2018, including:
• what the world of factual storytelling can draw from the narrative-driven world of experiential cinema with speakers from the distributors Dogwoof, Together Films, exhiitors Parable
• how archive material and live scores have become a staple of live cinema industry and where can the medium go from here
• what future tech holds for the in-cinema audience experience

We’ll also went behind-the-scenes with exclusive artist presentations from the live cinema superstars of the 2018 Sheffield Doc/Fest programme including Iain and Jane, Reeps One, Amy Cutler and Richard DeDomenici, whose works We Speak Music Live, Nature’s Nickelodeons and Threads: Redux world premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018.

The Live Cinema Summit at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 is produced in partnership with Live Cinema UK, The Live Cinema Network, King’s College London and the University of Brighton, and is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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Introduction: Real Live
11:00 – 11:25 Netflix Crucible Studio
Speakers: Lisa Brook (Director, Live Cinema UK), Dr Sarah Atkinson (King’s College London) Helen Kennedy (University of Brighton)
The two-day Summit begins with an overview of the world of live cinema and its presence in the Doc/Fest 2018 programme, and the potentials of ‘liveness’ for factual storytelling.

Live Scores and Archive
11:30 – 12:30 Netflix Crucible Studio
Speakers: Joel Mills (British Council), Esther Johnson (Artist/filmmaker, Asunder), Jason Wood (HOME Mcr), Jason Singh (Artist), Bryony Dixon (BFI)
Artists including Jarvis Cocker and British Sea Power have premiered live scores to archive films at Doc/Fest. With more archive releases with big name artists each year including Asunder (Esther Johnson / score by Field Music and Warm Digits) and Arcadia (Paul Wright / score by Will Gregory from Goldfrapp and Adrian Utley  from Portishead), we ask those making, including Jason Singh who will perform as part of Nature’s Nickelodeons (p.x) at the Festival, and those exhibiting, what is the enduring appeal of the genre, how has it become a staple of live cinema internationally, and how can filmmakers and producers get involved?

Eventise! Experiential Cinema
13:30 – 14:30, Netflix Crucible Studio
Speakers: Dr Sarah Atkinson (King’s College London), Anthony Andrews (We Are Parable), Kiri Inglis (MUBI), Dorottya Székely (Dogwoof), Rebecca Ashdown (Together Films)
From ‘one night only’ live score presentations to experiential launch events and virtual reality projects on tour with national releases, films can hugely benefit from the live experience as part of their launch strategy. In the age of VOD, how and why should you consider a live element in your film’s launch strategy? And how can this work for factual releases, as well as fiction? Hear from industry leading live cinema event-makers, exhibitors and marketers, and discover how cinemas are changing to embrace the concept of liveness.

Audience Participation & Tech
14:30 – 15:30, Netflix Crucible Studio
Speakers: Helen Kennedy (University of Brighton) Sam Smail (Choose Your Own Documentary), Richard Ramchurn (AlbinoMosquito), Erwin M Schmidt (Cinemathon)
Mobile, VR and interactive tech innovations have left cinema-going largely unchanged – phones remain (generally) on silent, and collective cinematic VR experiences are not yet commonplace- with a few exceptions… Meet the exhibitors and artists harnessing tech for in-cinema experiences, including brain-controlled and multi-narrative films, and mobile interactivity. Our panel questions whether tech in cinema is a novel fad, or a shift in the parameters of the possibilities of film-watching.

Meet the Artists of Doc/Fest 2018
16:15 – 17:30, Netflix Crucible Studio
Speakers: Colm McAuliffe (Freelance), Iain & Jane (DOUBLETHINK), Reeps One (artist – We Speak Music Live), Amy Cutler (artist – Nature’s Nickelodeons), Richard DeDomenici (artist – Threads: Redux)
Artists from the 2018 Doc/Fest programme join journalist and live cinema producer Colm McAuliffe to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of their world premiere events, including Reeps One on his new live show We Speak Music Live, Richard DeDomenici on his guerilla recreation of Threads, Amy Cutler on Nature’s Nickelodeons, and Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard on their Doc/Fest commissioned immersive video installation DOUBLETHINK.

Live Cinema Summit Drinks hosted by Live Cinema UK
18:00 – 19:00, Curzon Rooftop
Join Live Cinema UK to celebrate the first day of the Live Cinema Summit at Doc/Fest. Meet with artists and practitioners over a drink to discuss the latest in immersive and experiential moving image.

Reeps One presents ‘We Speak Music’ Live
21:30 – 22:15, Abbeydale Picturehouse
World class beatboxer and vocal artist Reeps One presents the World Premiere of his new live show, blending the latest technology, stunning visuals, and unbelievable vocal performances. Featuring footage from the forthcoming docu-series collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs We Speak Music, Reeps will be joined for an AI duet with the ‘Reepsbot’, and will create mind-blowing visual and sonic spectacles through the power of the voice.


Crucible Adelphi
Day 2 of the Live Cinema Summit gives all passholders the opportunity to explore live cinema shows from concept, through to funding, exhibition and touring in an informal small group environment. The sessions are open to all Doc/Fest and Summit Pass Holders and cater to all backgrounds, whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, artist, or exhibitor.

11:00 – 12:00
Round Tables: Concepts & Ideas
Christopher Allen (Light Surgeons), Dr Sarah Atkinson (King’s College London), Helen Kennedy (University of Brighton), Colm McAuliffe (Creative Producer/Writer)
What makes a great live cinema project? How and why should filmmakers, producers and artists be using ‘liveness’ in their work? Whether you have a fully formed idea or just want to find out more, explore it with our creatives and academics.

12:00 – 13:00
Round Tables: Funding & Exhibition
Kate Murphy (Arts Council England), Sally Folkard (Film Hub North, part of the BFI Film Audience Network), Lisa Brook (Live Cinema UK), Stuart Brown (BFI)
How do you get your idea off the ground, and where can you exhibit? Funders, venues and tour bookers are here to give their advice on making a financially viable project with big audience appeal without jeopardising your creativity.

13:30 – 14:45
Expanded and Live: Audiovisual performance
Speakers: Christopher Allen (Light Surgeons) Katharine Vera (, Toby Harris (Toby *spark)
Artists Christopher Thomas Allen, Katharine Vega and Toby Harris have forged new forms of events, collaborated across the arts, and embraced cultures and technologies old and new. Join them for an exploration of audio-visual performance, projection design and a whole lot of provocation about what the ‘live’ in Live Cinema can be.

16:00 – 17:30, The Leadmill
Nature’s Nickelodeons

Experience the nature documentary, but as you’ve never seen or heard it before. Inspired by an abandoned idea of Walt Disney’s to build natural history cinemas in zoos, experimental composers, musicians and a sci-fi writer join filmmaker and Doctor of GeoHumanities Amy Cutler to re-invent the heroes, villains, sounds and spaces of nature broadcasts. We’ll travel through submerged volcanoes, bio-luminescence, flocking birds and swarming insects, accompanied by new performances, from live drone laments to the conducting of “feral singing” by the audience.

18:30 – 19:30, The Leadmill
Threads: Redux

In 1984, the BBC’s dystopic docudrama Threads depicted the nuclear Apocalypse in Sheffield, terrifying millions of viewers. The day before Sheffield Doc/Fest’s 25th Edition begins, artist Richard DeDomenici will remake several minutes of Threads in the very locations that the original show was shot, and he wants your help! Email to be part of Threads: Redux, and join us for the World Premiere event of DeDomenici’s guerilla recreation on Saturday 9 June, featuring behind-the-scenes footage, the Redux screening itself, and all the unique absurdity and general hilarity that comes with DeDomenici’s live shows.