We’re getting ready to launch the beta version of our new app, Head Holiday, at the end of October.

Funded by Innovate UK – the UK’s innovation agency – Head Holiday will curate the best 360 degree travel, culture and nature content in one place, and show people how to view it immersively without a virtual reality headset.

Content on the app will be a mixture of video produced by the Live Cinema UK team, plus immersive video production houses from around the world, and individual creators.

Head Holiday aims to give keen travellers a taste of different locations around the world while they’re isolating at home, or are otherwise unable to travel. Viewers can use the app to inspire and plan their next trip, take a break from their surroundings for a little while, or de-stress with some ‘slow cinema’ experiences. Sit on a beach at sunrise, whizz around a lake on an electric bike, and see famous landmarks from the air, all without leaving your sofa.

Virtual reality headsets aren’t needed for immersive viewing; instead you’ll be able to enjoy the videos in 360 degrees by using a cardboard viewer and a smartphone. 300 cardboard sets will be sent out to Head Holiday testers, but you can also buy your own online for just a few pounds.

The app launches for smartphones during the last week of October, and will be available until the end of the year before being taken down so we can collate user feedback and plan the long-term future of Head Holiday.

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