After securing our first ever multi-year funding investment from Film Hub North, part of the BFI Film Audience Network, we are excited to update you on our current live cinema events activity with our new network of venues in the North of England. Our partner venues include Brewery Arts Centre, The Brick Box, Leeds International Festival, HOME, the Rheged Centre, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Showroom Cinema and Tyneside Cinema.

We are working collaboratively with these venues and organisations to attract new audiences aged 16-30 through co-programming and commissioning of new live cinema events – film screenings with ‘live’ in-venue elements, including but not limited to live soundtracks, digital integrations, theatrical immersion, movie parties, audiovisual performance (VJing) and simultaneous interactive moments.


Tarantino Party: Double Bill

Where: Rheged Centre, Penrith
When: Saturday 28 September – 3.45pm 

Rheged Centre can’t get enough of Tarantino so have decided to screen the absolute classic – Pulp Fiction on their GIANT screen followed by the director’s latest Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. With an hour between screenings, there’ll be a chance to grab a few drinks at the bar, kick back and enjoy their Tarantino soundtrack. Come dressed up as your favourite character and get a free bottle of beer.

Invisible Women

Where: The Brick Box Rooms, Bradford
When: Sunday 13 October – 6pm 

Archive Activists Invisible Women seek out and champion the work of female filmmakers who have been overlooked, uncredited or left out of the history of cinema. By drawing attention to fascinating films and the forgotten stories behind them, we aim to reinsert female voices into the conversation and the canon. For The Brick Box Rooms and Live Cinema UK, Invisible Women present a specially curated new programme of shorts alongside responses from local Bradford artists, making the argument that archive films speak as much to our present and to our futures, as they do to our past. The archive is alive, vital, bold and exciting – join us for a night of film, performance and conversation.

How Not To Watch A Movie

Where: Tyneside Cinema and HOME
When: 17 October (Tyneside) and 2 November (HOME)


A lecture-performance by Daniel Cockburn.

In the year 1994, two reigning horror-movie directors each released a film: John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. A preliminary comparison between these two films reveals…well, let’s be honest: if Daniel Cockburn had never made a preliminary comparison between these two films, he’d probably be a lot happier right now. But here we are.

This autobiographical lecture-performance tells the tale of a child who “discovered he could turn any film into a horror film simply by watching it” and asks what happens when such a child grows up and turns his superpowers on the real world. Along the way, we will encounter: a film-projection mishap, French filmmaking dogma, the Y2K crisis, a correspondence with a famous American filmmaker, and some seriously detailed grammatical analysis of classic power-ballad lyrics.


Where: Showroom Cinema, Sheffield
When: 30 October

Vine was launched in 2013 and instantly became hit across the internet. The concept: a video platform where you can only upload 6 second videos which are filmed through the app. However, as groundbreaking Vine was, it heartbreakingly left our lives in 2016. When the news broke, millions were in mourning on Twitter as the #RIPVine hashtag went viral, followed by tens of thousands of threads featuring peoples curations of their favourite vines of all-time. This event is for those still in mourning. #RIPVine is a tribute to the six second icons that have given so much joy to millions the world over. Featuring at this very special one off event will be a full scale funeral party all themed around the greatest Vines. The event will centre around big screen compilations of the all-time greatest Vine loops, curated by Pilot Light TV Festival.

Halloween Special: Singa-Long-A Wickerman

Where: Rheged Centre, Penrith
When: 31 October – 7.45pm

Dust down your best Scottish accent, dress up as your favourite character and come and experience this horror classic like never before.Your hosts, Dr. Bramwell and Eliza Skelton, will get things warmed up with a little live music, lead you through the actions and lyrics for the songs then, at the Witching Hour, you’ll be given a pagan hymn book and goody bag full of surprises, we’ll roll the film and may god have mercy on your soul.

We are so excited to be developing the North of England as a centre of excellence for live cinema, and will continue to work on new commissions and touring with our nine new partners throughout the rest of 2019.