For the last three months, like so many of our fellow industry partners, we’ve had to drastically change the way that we work, here at Live Cinema UK. Now, as we look towards the uncertain future of cinema in the “new world”, we wanted to update you on what we’ve been working on. Despite live cinema coming to a stand still across the globe, we’ve been busy preparing for the rest of the year and adapting the way we work. Here are some updates on our project plans, new partnerships and funding which will frame the rest of our work at Live Cinema UK for the remainder of 2020.

Arts Council England Emergency Response Funding

ACE made £160 million of emergency funding available for those organisations and individuals who need it during this crisis, and have also changed the funding requirements for individuals and organisations currently in receipt of their funding, to help alleviate pressure on them.

Live Cinema UK is incredibly grateful to recieve £15,000, £10,000 of which will be going straight to artists who have lost work during the lockdown, including our five Associate Artists. New projects to be delivered online will be announced in the coming weeks.


Movies in Motion: Cinema as Innovation Hubs

Motovun Film Festival - FilmFreeway

Funded by the European Commission, we are delighted to be beginning working on Movies in Motion, our Cinemas as Innovation Hubs project. Working alongside Motovun Film Festival and Kino Otek, we are creating a touring programme of live cinema events that will be delivered over the next 14 months in Croatia and Slovenia as Europe emerges from lockdown. As the only UK partner on any of the five selected projects, we are honoured to be finding new ways to deleiver work with our friends across the EU as the UK’s membership comes to an end.

Exact shows to tour will be developed through a workshop process with all partners, encouraging cross-border learning to identify the kind of live cinema events that would most appeal to local audiences. More details to follow with first events due to take place this Summer, and final events in Summer 2021.


LCUK wins Innovate UK funding for Head Holiday

With live events on hold in the UK, Live Cinema UK are finding new ways to bring immersive experiences to audiences with an entirely new virtual reality project, thanks to the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK.

Through the national funding programme ‘Business-led innovation in response to global disruption’, Innovate UK are looking to UK businesses for innovative solutions that address the impact of Covid-19 across many industries.

Live Cinema UK’s project, Head Holiday, is a new platform bringing together all the best virtual and 360 degree travel, cultural, creative and nature content currently scattered across the internet. Read more here.